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Learn to speak patois for free

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However, the pronunciations of these words are very similar to Jamaican English. One thing to keep in mind as you learn Jamaican Patois is that it is not a strict, rule-oriented language where there is a "right way" and a "wrong way" to say things.

Learn to speak patois for free

Some words can be pronounced and spelled differently but still mean the same thing e. The important thing is whether or not what you are saying can be understood.

It's actually quite difficult to acquire the accent of a Jamaican, unless you've lived in Jamaica for many years, and even then, speaking patois fluently is not guaranteed. But with a little practice, you will be able to have at least a basic understanding of Jamaican Patois.

Sentences in Jamaican Patois are built like English sentences in that, there is a subject, a predicate or verb speai, and an object. However, there is no subject-verb agreement in Jamaican Patois.

The verb does not change with the subject. Let us look at the table. One common method of forming plurals in standard English is by adding 's' or; 'es' to the end of a word. Backpage anchorage escorts, in Jamaican Patois a word can be spwak by adding 'dem' to the end word or, inserting 'nuff' or a number at the beginning of the word.

In Jamaican Patois, the letters '-s' or '-es' do not necessarily denote plurality as is shown in the examples below:. In Jamaican Patois: There is no differentiation in the use of pronouns to show gender.

The pronoun patoks can mean both or either 'he' or 'she'. There is no distinction between subject and object. There are no possessive pronouns in the Jamaican Patois such as your, her, his, its, ours and theirs, for example:.

Learn to speak patois for free I Wants Sex Meet

The copula lesrn a connecting word; for example, learn to speak patois for free Jamaican Patois the copula is the letter 'a' which is used for the particle as well as for the continuous tense. Repetition is used for degrees of comparison as well as emphasis; for example, using Jamaican Patois to talk about how big a child has become:.

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In Standard English it is never acceptable to use double negatives such as 'nobody does not'. Unlike Standard English, in the Jamaican Creole, the verb does not learn to speak patois for free.

Instead a new word is introduced and placed in front of the verb; for example:. In Jamaican Creole, past tense is formed by using spea of the following three words:

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